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ebdEarth: What is it? What does it do? - Why did you develop it?
ebd CSV2KML V1.3.0.3

As well as many of our other endevours, we at ebd also write and develop software. This is done mainly to overcome problems we encounter during our engineering life. Some applications we develop are of interest to other Engineers, developers, and other interested parties... As such we can undertake to develop & write applications for you! Just email or call us & we can work out if we can help. Below is a selection of some of the applications that might be of use.

Click to Download the ebdCSV2KML application

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What does it do?

DatatTaker DT85 Data logger

DataTaker DT85

Garmin 18LVC - GPS receiver - perfect for use with ebdEarth!

Garmin 18LVC

Garmin 18LVC - GPS receiver - perfect for use with ebdEarth!

PicoLog TC08

The Engineered By Design CSV2KML App, is an application is designed to convert files downloaded from the dataTaker DT8X range of data loggers, (specifically the DT85 in our example), that also use a GPS reciever, such as a Garmin 18 LVC to log parameters against GPS coordinates, to Keyhole Markup Language (.kml file), used with Google Earth. This enables you to log & track parameters for testing and development with the added data of where they occoured.

This can be very useful in the design & development of new products, especially vehicle development, where you need to be able to demonstrate geographically where certain conditions are exhibited. - For example, at a certain altitude, or specific sequence of hillclimbing or after a set of corners etc... Click to download a user guide in pdf format for the ebd CSV2KML converter application.

Sample files:

User guides:
Link to the ebdEarth csv2kml Application User Guide      
User Guide      
Sample files:
Sample DeLogger 4 Program '' Sample DBD Data file Sample CSV Data Sample KML Created from this data
Sample Delogger V4 program Sample DBD Data file Sample CSV Data Sample KML

Click thumbnails above to save sample files. The Can_GPS is a project & program setup for DeLogger 4 Pro, - which if you intend on using the ebd CSV2KML converter appliaction with a garmin 18LVC, is a very good start. The DBD file is a source file downloaded from data recieved from a DT80, The CSV file is the same data in a CSV format. These are file that you can test out the application with, supplied from Grant instruments, this should give you a bit of a taster to what the app can actually do for you! And finally, there also a source kml file included (as this is xml format, a browser will try and open it, so right click and "save target as".

No Warranty!!
  As this software is free of charge, there is no warranty. It is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied!
The Engineered By Design CSV2KML Application, affectionately called "ebdEarth" - To see what it is all about click here

Items added / updated:

  • Time Range support - If date range is selected then there is the option to narrow that selection down further to a time frame window
  • The option to pin or unpin the application on top of other windows has been added (to make drag & Drop easier)
  • The Push Pins are now not created in a separate kml file, they are added in a sub-folder of the main KML file
  • To add the Ave & Med Pushpin options, these add a pushpin into the google earth map where your selected parameter is at its average & its median.(Average Value & Probabily distribution) - The Ave will geographically put the pin at the begining of the values in the source datafile (As it is a mathematical function), The Median will put the pin in the geographical point where the statistical median occours.
  • Preview of file type out put added when you hover over the cursor
  • Broswe box / drive list box will be added - so you don't have to drag and drop (If you don't want to)
  • Clicking on logo launches ebd website in your browser when no file selected
    • If file already selected then asks if you want to generate KML now?
This version of ebd CSV2KML is a Beta Version, and will contain bugs. If you have any problems, please e-mail me at

Please notify me - dont assume someone else has already reported it. As the developer, I operate the application in the grain that it was written, therefore, I often miss glaring problems that are immediately obvious to everyone else. Help make this tool better for everyone else by reporting bugs. Just say ebd SCV2KML crashed when I did this If I need any more information, I will ask you to send me the log file. Thank you for your assistance.
Please don't limit your feedback to bugs - I'd love to hear your comments, suggestions, and criticisms. If you have any ideas for this website, or know of something that should be included in the documentation, please let me know.
Installation Instructions

As things are a little bit complicated to install & use....

Just follow these instructions:

Information about the ebdCSV2KML converter on the ebd website here: - Then click on the ebdSoftWare link at the top of the page.

This should give you all the information you require. Though the web page & documentation is pretty untidy at the moment as I haven't had time to update it as quick as we have been revising the software, so if you have any questions then just ask them on this forum.

Direct links:

Download the installer for V1.3.0.3 here:

ebdEarth csv2kml V1.3.0.3 Installer (3.37Mb)

There is an updated (V2.0.0.0), which is just an exe, currently no installer package fro this version, - you have to run the V1.3.0.3 installer first, then just copy over the ebdCSV2KML.exe with this file:

ebd_csv2kml_v2.0.0.0_beta.exe (368Kb)

(rename it to the original)

I strongly recommend doing this as we have added "Extruded Graph" support, which makes the output on variables with high values much easy to see where they occur on the map. - There is one known bug, that after you have opened the files, it will tell you that there was a problem processing the files for you, - 99% of the time there isn't! - It's on the list to fix!

If you click on the pictures on the main ebdWebsite you should get a preview of what the different versions look like, and their different functionality.

There is a user guide (written for version - but basically still stands for the V1.3.0.3 & V2.0.0.0) available for download here:

ebdEarth csv2kml User (pdf) (500kb)

The main exception to the instructions is that on page 1 it says you need to copy the dumpdbd.exe file to the application path to add dbd support, - You do not need to do this as it is packaged with the V1.3.0.3 installer msi.

This application currently Drives Excel in the background to process files so you need to have Office installed (any version from Office '95 up should be fine). We are currently writing a database driven version which will not rely on excel - but that is a few weeks off. 

Final thing of note is the setup of your DeLogger program, I would suggest using the file as a basis for your program. If you do not already have this, you can
download it here:

Just Add the parameters you wish to see in Google Earth to Schedule "A" underneath
the GPS Data. One of my Early sample program listings is included in the User guide pdf. - Page 6 Of the user guide shows you the important parameters to ensure are set up.

I realise this is a little protracted at the moment (we will be tidying this process up
shortly). So in Summary:

1) Download & run the V1.3.0.3 installer msi.
2) Download the V2.0.0.0 Beta exe, rename to the original ebdCSV2KML.exe and replace it.
3) Ensure you have Excel installed (but not running).
4) Setup you DeLogger program as per the CANGPS program - Adding parameters you wish to display in Google earth underneath the GPS parameters.
5) Follow the instructions in the User Guide - I suggest using the extruded Graph output type.

Hey presto - Mapped data in Google Earth. - I promise it is easier than it sounds!